How to Discover Commercial Real Estate Investments Out-of-State?

March 10, 2021
Melody Emrani

You may find that your most profitable investments in commercial real estate are found out-of-state. Opportunities in less dense regions nationwide allow for portfolio diversification opportunities, with decreased barrier to entry than major cities. However, purchasing commercial property out-of-state can also lead to frustration and difficulty learning about opportunities. These hurdles, though, serve as barriers to entry into potentially-profitable investment opportunities, opening the doors for driven and motivated investors.

The standard process for discovery of commercial real estate investment opportunities involved immediate engagement of a consultant or broker to research communities and available properties. By outlining your investment specifications, your broker will research opportunities fitting your investment profile.

Technology advancements have opened doors for new methods of discovering out-of-state commercial real estate investments. Platforms, such as BuyerVista, allow investors to tell the real estate community what they’re looking to buy, and gain instant exposure, connecting with on and off market deals. This reverse marketplace matches buyers and sellers based on specific criteria. Buyers are empowered, and sellers can find investors looking for properties that fit their portfolio.

When you buy and sell commercial real estate, particularly out-of-state, proper due diligence requires significant research, review, and analysis. But technology platforms such as the above are bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, providing both parties with a more diverse pool of opportunities. There are more potential deals, and the ability to filter based on investment criteria increases the efficiency of initial research.

Learn about BuyerVista, a revolutionary site where the model for commercial real estate investing is reversed, by visiting their website.

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