How to Prospect Commercial Real Estate.

March 9, 2021
Melody Emrani

We help sellers reverse prospect potential buyers for their listings.

Commercial properties both on and off-market, now have the opportunity to equally market their deals to the industry without exposing any asset information. You can post any kind of commercial asset you may have on or off market with a brief description. You can then view a list of curated buyers who have posted their acquisition needs either for themselves or their clients. The decided filters will expose buyers’ information to matching properties. This tool can be used on Active, Pocket Listings, and Coming Soon deals within commercial real estate. We do not expose any private client information or property information. For a buyer to begin connecting with the properties they must have an acquisition need posted.

Buyers will not be able to see the properties they match with, it is up to you the seller to expose the deal to the buyer.

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