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March 10, 2021
Melody Emrani

BuyerVista is a reverse commercial real estate marketplace, matching buyers and sellers based on specific criteria. As a seller, the task of finding commercial real estate buyers becomes much easier with BuyerVista. The buyers you match with have buying interests that match your properties, creating clear efficiencies. And, your off-market properties are protected, so sellers decide when you’re ready to share the address. The platform allows sellers to connect with buyers nationwide, increasing the overall pool of potential investors. Here are 5 reasons why you should find commercial real estate buyers on BuyerVista.

  1. Converse only with compatible buyers.

On BuyerVista, both buyers and sellers post their commercial real estate requirements through a set of predefined questions. In a few clicks, you have successfully posted your selling requirements with us and only buyers who match these criteria hit your inbox.

  1. Extend your reach.

Finding buyers outside of your region can be difficult without connections in other parts of the country. Buyervista allows sellers to easily connect with buyers nationwide. Recent data through BuyerVista shows that the site currently has properties listed in 52 cities nationwide, with the most listings in California, followed by Florida, New York, and Colorado. The ability for buyers to access retail, multi-family, office, and land listings nationwide on this platform has resulted in an influx of buyers joining the platform, allowing sellers to connect with investors nationwide that otherwise would have been extremely unlikely.

  1. Keep your property details private even when you match.

At BuyerVista, it is crucial for us to protect a seller’s property details, to give sellers the liberty to choose whom they wish to contact. Sellers have the right to share their information only with buyers whom they wish to connect. Your asset is 100% protected and private until you opt to share your property’s information.

  1. Sell quick.

A lot of commercial real estate properties are unsold for months, because they do not reach the right set of buyers. With BuyerVista, your matches already expressed interest in properties like yours, shortening the process from introduction to closing.

  1. Save money & time.
    When you are trying to sell a commercial real estate property online, it is typical to spend money on marketing your real estate asset online. BuyerVista helps you bridge this gap and find the right buyer for your property without going through these hassles.

Buyers currently have the ability to browse properties that they never would have had such easy access to as a result of this platform, and this value is bringing more and more buyers to the platform looking for investment opportunities. For example, there are currently land listings in St. Cloud, Minnesota, office listings in Los Angeles, California, and retail listings in Austin, Texas, all on the same website. As a seller, it’s imperative to take advantage of this ease of access to potential and interested buyers.
For more information on how the BuyerVista reverse commercial real estate matchmaking website works, feel free to contact us or sign up for an account today.

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