Want to Boost Your Commission?

February 17, 2022
Melody Emrani

Selling commercial real estate properties is not an easy task. The national retail and office submarkets are forecasted to have increasing vacancy rates. Even in a market or niche with higher demand, finding the right buyers or investors remains a challenge. Today’s real estate professionals are fortunate to have the magic of the online marketplace to help make deals happen. But are we leveraging marketplace technology to its fullest extent?

As research suggests, industry professionals are connecting and communicating through their internet connections. One report found B2B marketers had 80 percent of their social leads come from LinkedIn’s professional connections marketplace. And why not? Online you can find almost anything from groceries and cars to vintage toys.

The online marketplace mindset of, “Are you looking for something specific? We got it!” is the future. Commercial real estate investors now prefer to expose their acquisition strategies online because it is less stressful, consumes less energy, saves time, and can be updated at any time.

Who wouldn’t prefer a benefit that makes their jobs easier or saves them time?

Think about your commercial real estate goals. Chances are, selling quickly is probably a top priority.

Before the online marketplace, it used to be the buyer’s job to find a seller. Online marketplaces copied this model for a long time. BuyerVista is different. It changes the script so now the seller can reach ready and able buyers.

Online is great for generating leads, but this takes time. Around 48% of businesses have said their leads require “long-cycle” nurturing. Do you have months to generate qualified leads?

BuyerVista cuts out that time. It shows who is ready to buy right now. No long-cycle nurturing means less time spent strategizing and fewer dollars spent on marketing.

So how does this boost your commissions?

Easy: an ability to connect the right buyers and sellers quickly means more time for you to execute more deals. And you’ll spend less out-of-pocket marketing those properties. Your ability to close challenging deals faster will win you loyal clients and more referrals.

Online marketplaces are growing. Use the marketplace mentally of, “we have what you want!” in your favor. With BuyerVista, sellers do less work because buyers are sent to them–not the other way around.

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