Rethinking Networking in Commercial Real Estate.

March 10, 2021
Melody Emrani

Commercial real estate marketplaces like using the term “matchmaking” to describe how they connect buyers and sellers. It romanticizes the idea of meeting buyers and sellers like it’s as simple as swipe left here and swipe right there. We need to rethink the implications of “matchmaking” and what it really means for our online world.

Soon seven billion people will be living in the world. In the United States, there are over 329 million people alone. All these people have different needs and wants. How can you possibly connect with the right person who has exactly what you need at any given time? That person might be living thousands of miles away from you.

Don’t think of online matchmaking as meeting your endgame buyer/seller. Think of online matchmaking as simply meeting interested people. You’re connected to people with similar needs and wants that you might end up conducting an in-person deal with an avalable opportunity. Since you never know what opportunity lies around the corner in a far away state or a pocket listing.

That’s what BuyerVista is doing as a commercial real estate matchmaker: getting people with similar interests together that never would have met otherwise. The chances are much higher that you will with BuyerVista because you’re talking with people who have the right acquisition or disposition needs for you.

We all know commercial real estate is complex. For a long time, we’ve lacked a solid system for introducing available buyers to available properties on or off market. Why work with someone whose investment goals don’t match your goals?

For us, this means bringing a balance between privately advertising real estate and exposing buyer needs. The industry currently markets properties, Why not market buyers? The right person might be closer than you think when you use BuyerVista.

Industries should always be evolving. Our first cracks at connecting CRE professionals–the owners, agents, investors, businesses–are a good first step. Our online matchmaking systems are ready for optimization to get the right people to connect with each other.

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