Matched with a Buyer? Next Steps.

March 10, 2021
Melody Emrani

Receiving an alert that your disposition has matched to a potential commercial real estate buyer is a thrilling feeling. When you receive a match alert from BuyerVista, be confident you are matched with people that are genuinely interested in properties like yours. But, as you know, finding a prospective buyer the first step. What comes next?

1- Read the information shared with you.

BuyerVista will send you buyer matches to your email and add them to your Seller Dashboard. Here you’ll find their description of their acquisition needs and contact information.

To track and read about buyer matches in your Seller Dashboard, view your disposition need card. Log in and you’ll see the total number of buyer matches inside a blue button in the top left of the need card. Any new matches will appear as a red button on this card.

Click on the buttons to see all the buyer matches for that particular asset.

Review the prospect’s shared acquisition needs. For multiple buyer matches, compare the details. Decide if they are a potential fit or if you need more information about the buyer.

2- Start communication.

The buyers can’t see you or your property, so the next step is to open a line of communication and interview potential buyers. You’ll receive the buyer’s preferred contact information if you’d rather initiate conversation over phone or email, “Hello we connected on BuyerVista, let me tell you about this opportunity..”.

Exchange confidentiality agreements. Disclose relevant property information while getting your questions answered, like their experience, investment history, and timeline to purchase.

3- Business as usual.

During your conversations, if it looks like the match is a promising deal, proceed with business as usual. Negotiate your real estate transaction as with other deals.

It’s that easy. Upload as many assets you’d like to dispose of as you like. You’ll continue receiving potential matches as new buyers log their needs into the BuyerVista system. After all, you never know when the right prospect will come along.

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