Having a Hard Time Finding Commercial Real Estate Buyers? Not Anymore!

March 10, 2022
Melody Emrani

We know people are looking to buy investment property all the time. We just don’t always know who they are. Sometimes we generate sale leads that are difficult to market to the public or challenging to know which people would be interested in the opportunity. So how do you find the right buyer for your commercail property?

Let me guess: you are folding mailers, checking who viewed your LoopNet post, and waiting for email queries. You smile and dial 50 people in a day. Calls are sometimes necessary, but are they the best way to chase down commercial real estate buyers?

The truth is our industry’s wait-and-see approach is becoming outdated.

Social media and online marketing have been the industry buzz because they promise targeted marketing. But are their advertising platforms able to target as precisely as they claim?

There is a better way to know who you can talk about your pocket listings and to know who has an opportunity for your client’s buying request.

BuyerVista is leveraging the internet’s ability to connect people and maximize exposure for your listings. This CRE matchmaking platform lets sellers see who is ready, willing, and able to buy real estate.

Consider how your digital marketing strategy would change if you knew exactly who was in the market to buy. Would you invest more in pay-per-click advertising or social media ads? How much time would you spend creating “targeted” audiences on marketing platforms? What about hours smile-and-dialing? Imagine the time, effort, and money you could save talking to ready and willing buyers from the start!

BuyerVista reduces guesswork. There’s no more struggling with unique properties. Get matched to users with waiting properties privately held in the database or buyers ready to acquire real estate.

Stop waiting for buyers to find you and wasting your marketing budget targeting “maybe” buyers. Buyers are waiting for you at BuyerVista.

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