Converting Active Commercial Real Estate Investors to Leads.

March 10, 2021
Melody Emrani

Don’t treat real estate lead generation like e-commerce lead generation.

The two are like bicycles to Ferraris. Why do e-commerce lead generation strategies fail for real estate? Let’s look at how to improve online lead generation for commercial real estate.

When someone visits an e-commerce website, they arrived ready to buy that particular item at that price point. Converting them is just a matter of time.

For a commercial real estate deal, two factors are at play. One is you cannot preemptively scout out a building online and know you want to buy it. The other is the buyers only buy what they need when they need it. Who hasn’t made an impulse purchase when e-shopping? That’s not the case with commercial real estate.

According to content marketer Neil Patel, 96% of visitors who come to your website are not ready to buy. This means they’re likely to leave without becoming a lead.

Content marketers strive to move their visitor conversion rates higher than 5%. This means spending time optimizing content, writing blogs for SEO purposes, optimizing landing pages, running A/B tests on emails, and much more. Stop and ask: are these strategies effective for gaining buyer leads in the commercial real estate industry?

Assuming CRE website visitors are buyer leads is off-base. They are typically looking for comps, studying the market, or just looking at the photos attached to the listings. The lead generation e-commerce model is not going to convert to real estate buyer leads.

Unless the buyer tells the website what their acquisition and disposition strategies are. What if that potential visitor told the website precisely what it is they want to buy? If that website could connect them directly with the sellers who had what they needed, why look anywhere else?

BuyerVista gives commercial real estate buyers a place to call home. The mission is to be the go-to place for connecting ready buyers and willing sellers.

Commercial real estate buyers and sellers want to go to where the properties and investors are.

The result is a lead-generating website with a higher conversion rate than other websites. The people coming to BuyerVista are looking to make a commercial real estate deal, not doing research or skimming pictures. The contact information sellers receive is from ready and willing buyers looking for the properties you have.

Our leads know what they want, and they’re coming to get it, using BuyerVista.

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