How To Use BuyerVista to Find Buyers for Pocket Listings.

March 10, 2021
Melody Emrani

Commercial real estate has long had one flaw: you can market like crazy, use every available listing website, social marketing, digital marketing, and even print–but still fail to close a deal in a timely manner because you didn’t connect with the right buyer.

The buyer pool for CRE properties is generally small, but those potential buyers shrink further when you start breaking down into niche, geography, and price point. Case in point: only a select number of buyers would be interested in warehouse properties in San Diego priced $9-10 million.

We experienced this frustration time and again during our work within the commercial real estate industry. We know what it’s like to spend days hunting for the right investor or deal for a client. The problem has always been, “how do you reach the right buyers?” Our needs must be exposed to the right eyes at the right time.

Under the status quo marketing practices, it’s a struggle to find them. There had to be a better way than the way things were working. So we asked ourselves, “why does it have to be this way? Why can’t buyers market to sellers?”

That’s why BuyerVista was created. As a reverse prospecting site, we’re not thinking about only the disposition but also on the acquisition. Our goal is to even out the playing field for all CRE dealmakers, big or small. Sellers get to protect their property information and only contact the potential buyers if their details look like the right match.

It’s a win-win scenario. Buyers gain visibility by posting what they want to buy. They don’t need to hunt through numerous listing websites, knowing not all deals are advertised. They’re contacted by motivated sellers who have the type of assets they want. Sellers protect their property details, are matched to qualified prospective buyers, and get their contact info.

The result is real estate transactions done faster and easier. So why not BuyerVista? Gain exposure and make connections.

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