Are Brokerage Firms Supporting Their Agents?

March 10, 2021
Melody Emrani

Stay in commercial real estate long enough, and you’ll have your “big fish” story. You know, the one about the deal that got away. Or, you’ll make a connection months later that could’ve sealed a prime deal. How many real estate agents do you know that missed an opportunity for a transaction from INSIDE their office?

BuyerVista founder Debby Fenner created the BuyerVista platform from this experience. She had deals she wanted to advertise to her colleagues but had no access to them because most were satellite agents. The big question: why wasn’t her firm encouraging and facilitating communication? The regular lines of communication such as emails or Monday morning calls didn’t really get the attention of an agent with a compatible acquisition or disposition need. The information overload causes people to tune out at some point, or they’re trying to focus on relevant information they want at that moment.

The new reality created by Covid-19 drove home the need for remote communication and networking. Brokerages saw the need to go above and beyond during the pandemic for their real estate agents to network and continue making deals. They started integrating tech to support the software-enabled future and reality. Enter tools like Zoom meetings, virtual walkthroughs, and online contract execution.

Digitally making human connection became vital when we were stuck at home, trying to figure things out. How do brokerages help agents connect with inside the office when there is no office?

Even in a normal working environment, as a brokerage, it benefits everyone if acquisition and disposition needs are shared in a fluid, targeted, and accessible platform.

Brokerages with scattered, multiple offices are using BuyerVista to connect and support their agents in-house. It’s fast and easy to upload seller or buyer information to the platform. Agents are matched with high-probably, real-time buyers, helping them close their deals faster and inspire client confidence.

Best of all, BuyerVista is set up to maintain client privacy. This is how brokerages assist agents with pitching their listings without exposing the deal.

Talk to your team. Ask what technical tools they need to keep supporting their work in our new environment. Chances are, they’ll talk about collaborating across the whole firm and finding ways to reach new buyers. Use BuyerVista to help.

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