How do you increase property exposure?

How do you increase property exposure for commercial real estate?
Rethinking “Connecting” in Commercial Real Estate.
Commercial real estate marketplaces like using the term “matchmaking” to describe how they connect buyers and sellers. It romanticizes the idea of meeting buyers and sellers like it’s as simple as swipe left here and swipe right there.
Want to Boost Your Commissions?
Selling CRE properties is not an easy task. The national retail and office submarkets are forecasted to have increasing vacancy rates. Even in a market or niche with higher demand, finding the right buyers or investors remains a challenge.
How Do You Find Your Buyers?
We know people are looking to buy all the time. We just don’t always know who they are. Sometimes we generate leads that are difficult to market to the public or challenging to know which people would be interested in the opportunity. So how do you find the right buyer for your listing?